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This travesty of justice must be overturned.

Rev Samson is in prison in Myanmar/Burma. He’s been jailed because Myanmar’s military regime see him as a threat. 

Why? He has been prosecuted – like most religious and political prisoners – on trumped-up charges under counterterrorism laws, which are routinely used by the military to silence opposition. 

The reality? Rev Samson is a fearless advocate, speaking out against the military regime’s brutal oppression of its people, particularly religious communities. And it’s made him a target. 

His most recent arrest and imprisonment came after he held a prayer meeting with members of the opposition National Unity Government (NUG). 

To arrest, jail and prosecute one of Myanmar’s most prominent Christian pastors is a sign of how hostile this regime is to the church, and to Myanmar’s religious minorities.

Will you join us in calling on the UK government to do more to help free Rev Samson?

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