No one should be denied water because of their faith.

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Consepción Gómez Santiz’s family have lived without access to water in their home since 2016. 

The local authorities of El Encanto in Las Margaritas Municipality, Chiapas, Mexico, disconnected her family’s water supply, along with several other Protestant Christian families, after they refused to take part in religious activities associated with the majority religion. 

Not only that, the local authorities then blocked sewerage and electricity services from being installed in their homes.

Email the Municipal President and the Governor of Chiapas today, calling for Protestant Christian families in El Encanto to have their water, electricity and sewerage services reinstated.

We will also submit a petition to these authorities. Please untick if you don't want your name to be added to it.

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We believe no one should suffer discrimination, harassment or persecution because of their beliefs